Terms and Conditions

These rules and regulations outline the rules that are set and used on the Jeetbuzz website and Jeetbuzz mobile app. By creating a profile, y✨ou agree to be subject to these rules and any updates that may be m꧙ade in the future.

The rules and regulations are always subject to change by the company. The casino might not notify you in advance if the change is not significant. You will be informed beforehand if there are major modifications to the regulations, and you might need to confirm your consent to the updated rules oꦑnce again before the modifications go into action.

You ought to constantly g꧂o back to these conditions or get in touch with Jeetbuzz support i🌳f you have any questions regarding playing games or visiting the internet site in general.

Terms and Conditions for Jeetbuzz Bangladeshi Players

Your Obligations

You consent tꦅo the following whenever you use Jeetbuzz services in Bangladesh:


To ensure the security of the supplied service and for extra operational considerations, the company maintains the option to refus𒊎e any sign-up request from any potential participant at its option and without any need to provide🧸 a specific justification.

You must individually fill out the sign-up form, read and agree to the rulesꦆ, and then use the service. The casino will need you to complete a few checks to become a verified user before you can start placing bets on the site. A legitimate form of identification as well as any other documents considered relevant may be requested from you.

You must select the currency in which you want to run your profile when you sign up. You will use this cash to fund your account, make cash-outs, and place bets. Not all forms of payment can handle all currencies. In some circumstances, a processing currency will be 🏅shown, and the pagไe will also provide a conversion tool.

Deposits Rules

By using any of the payment methods listed on the site, you can add BDT to your profile. All deposits must be made in the same currency as your profile; otherwise, deposits will be converted using the daily exchange rate or the current rate of exchange offered by the company’s bank, and funds will then be placed into your profile in the new currency.

Deposits and withdrawals made by players may be subject to fees and charges. Any deposit that is not risked three times will be subject to a 3% processing fee in addition to any applicable withdrawal fees. You are accountable for any bank ꦆfees you may accrue as a result of making a deposit.

Withdrawal Rules

You are permitted to withdraw a portion or the entirety of your profile balance as long as you stay within the transactional limits listed on the site and in the mobile app. Please be aware that there can be fees. Except where expressly provided otherwise by Jeetbuzz, all withdrawals must be made in the 🤪currency of your profile.

Before allowing any withdrawals from your profile, the company keeps the authority to demand evidence for the purpose of identity verification. Throughout the course of your partnership with Jeetbuzz, it also retains the ab🙈ility to ask for this documentation at any time.

Please e🔯mail the support team if you would like to withdraw money but your profile is either closed, l𝕴ocked, dormant, or inaccessible.

Contacts and Notices

E💙xcept as otherwise provided in these conditions, the brand will communicate with you by posting notices on the website and/or sending emails to the regis🐲tered email address it has on file for the relevant player. The gambling site shall have the entire and exclusive discretion to determine the means of such communication.

When the servi💟ce is not run by Jeetbuzz, all communications and notices required by these conditions must be made in writing, in the English language, and must go to and come from the registered email address in your profile.


Bengali players should email𒆙🐠 Player Care using their registered email address if they have any concerns about these rules or any others implemented by Jeetbuzz.

If a player is dissatisfied with how a bet has been handl♉ed, they should email Jeetbuzz customer assistance with specifics of their complaint. The brand will make reasonable efforts to respond in a few days to such inquiries. In any case, the casino plans to answer all of your questions within 28 days of receiving them.

Within three (3) days of the claimed bet’s outcome, disputes must be filed. After this time, no claims will be fulfilled. All profile transactions are the sole responsibility of the user. The player’s registered email address must be used to send complaints or disputes.

The player support service will try to come to an agreement if there is a disagreement between you and the company. The issue will be referred to Jeetbuzz management in accordance with the complaints process if the player support team i🍌s unable to com🧜e to an agreement with you on a solution.

In the event that all attempts to resolve a problem to the player’s satisfaction have been unsuccessful, the player has the option to file a complaint with one of Jeetbuzz’s licensing organizations.